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Landscaping Solutions for Your Home or Business

If you're looking for landscaping services in and around Dodge City, KS, get in touch with Nature's Corner Garden Center & Nursery today. You can get a wide range of services like drip irrigation, tree planting, and a host of other delivery and installation services.

 • Landscape design

 • Garden and landscape installation

 • Landscape maintenance service

Enhance your property's curb appeal

Improve your commercial or residential property's curb appeal by getting a wide range of landscaping add-ons. Get shrubs, bedding plants, annuals, perennials, wide herb selection, and an extensive garden selection from our professionals.

Superior services

We've been in business since 1975. Get in touch with our landscaping experts today.

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Pesticides and herbicides on offer

We only use Sunshine Professional Growers Potting Soil for our Custom Container Gardens.  

Color Garden installation and maintenance for your own needs.